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The traditional Mural paintings of Kerala had emerged in the southern part of India in the ninth century. They are a mix of skilled art and creativity which yields excellent results when combined together. The Kerala Mural paintings online have different aesthetic approach than other paintings and are widely popular in the southern region of India. They are more famous in Kerala than other part as it was originated here and the most skilled painters are also found in this region.

 The mural paintings are painted on the walls, ceiling or any surface that is permanent in nature. They are also painted on the walls of temples and churches and can be seen widely in Kerala temples and churches. They are also painted on paper or canvas but the traditional form will remain of the ones on the walls and ceilings. The artwork in Kerala Mural paintings online is so intricate and skilled that it helps to depict the cultural defining of the eighth century. You can also find mural paintings in Rajasthan as well. The material used for the artwork, such as brushes, gums, pigments, and more is made out of natural materials like plants and minerals. The artists depict their own style and depth of art in the work that they create. You can see the mural paintings have work of Hindi Gods and Goddesses depicted in them and each of the painting has a unique story to tell.

You can buy these paintings online and have it delivered to your home or you can also find them available in Kerala or many other southern India regions. A lot of tourists who visit Kerala are fascinated by such paintings and prefer to take a few back home with them. By doing so, the promote the rich cultural paintings of India in their countries as well.

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