How the Kerala mural paintings were made?

Kerala, popularly known as the God’s own country, has a rich culture of ancient murals. The murals of Kerala are famous for their emphasis on clarity, symmetry, and beauty. These murals depict a mystic and religious themes.

The compositions of Kerala mural paintings are governed by various factors such as pose, proportion, and background. The face has to be divided into 3 sections, neck in the proportion of ¼ of the face. The length of the chest should be equivalent to that of a face. There are principles for representation of an eye which expresses different emotions. A different set of principles were used to depict the expression of animals.

 Different material such as fruit juices, herbal vegetable dye, chemicals, and minerals are extracted from roots and stones which are used to make these paintings. Blades of certain grass and roots of trees are used to make the brush for painting on the walls. To draw the outlines, sharp bamboo pieces are used.

Overall, the style of Kerala Mural Painting which emphasizes on elaborated costumes, dramatic scenes, and gestures of a figure which describes the intimate relation between each other can be compared to the living performance of Koodiyattom and Kathakali. The amount distinctive schools of mural paintings which evolved by the teachers of pictorials who could easily recreate the vitalities of the frenzy, the conflicts of the gods, the ecstasy of love, the grace of the gods and goddesses, the joy of reunion and the agony of separation in this manner of India tradition of mural painting.

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