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Tanjore paintings in India belong to the southern part of India and are rich in culture and heritage. It was founded in the state of Tamil Nadu and the native art form is called Thanjavur. They are very different from other regular paintings as they have vibrant colors, rich compositions, and richness in the style in which they are made.  The online Indian Tanjore painting also have a different kind of richness as they have pearls, glass pieces, semi-precious stones, and many such things embellished onto the paintings which give them a unique look that the other paintings. These are the qualities that distinguished a Tanjore painting from the rest and add heritage and value to it as it appears to be three dimensional in nature.

 These paintings originated in the 16th century and have been very popular since them. Most of the paintings carry pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in different forms and environments which adds a cultural value to the paintings. The online Indian Tanjore painting are done on solid wood planks and have a central figure which is painted in the centre of the painting. These paintings are quite expensive in nature and attract a wealthy audience. Even tourists who visit the southern part of India always prefer to buy a Tanjore painting which they can take back home.

The painting are available all over India but the southern part of India has the most beautiful and authentic Tanjore paintings. These paintings are also available online on many different websites and you can shop for it from the comfort of your house. They make a great item for gifting to your family and friends as well. The painting always defines the rich culture of India and makes it a timeless piece to have at your own house as well.

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